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The everyday rubber shoe


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Member of the Climate Neutral
Now initiative of the United Nations
Climate Change Secretariat
#ClimateAction #SDG13

Certified cruelty-free (vegan)
‘leather’ and recycle canvas
#Vegan #PETA

Model image Shoe

The Climate Positive Definition:Climate positive means that elliott goes beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to create an actual environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


elliott R-Canvas reinvents timelessness by incorporating sustainable solutions; the fight against depletion and pollution of natural resources.

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Recover and re-use Recover and re-use
elliott elliott
A Climate Action Footprint

Since launching in September 2018 approach of elliott's approach is to incorporate initiatives that reduce waste and reverse the rising air pollution:

Footprint: A pair of elliotts reverse the carbon footprint with an climate positive offset of 1 tonne of CO2.